7 Come 11 is a Hammond Organ driven outfit that brings grooves reminiscent of the work of legends such as the funky METERS and the JB's while plunging into inspired jams and raging homages to powerhouse rock acts of days past like Zeppelin, while incorporating a modern approach to the funk and jam scene of the the new millenium.  

With the the ferocious drumming of Beaumont Bradbury, the soaring guitar playing of Ryan Avellone, and  Gianni Staiano's mighty Hammond Organ, his Clavinet and his incredible footwork on the bass pedals, this group brings astonishing energy to the stage.

Grab your friends and bring you dancin' shoes - see you on the road!

The evening got a fine kick start from Santa Cruz locals 7 Come 11, a classic '60s organ trio who've imbibed modern groove music and a little of "that Scofield thing," as observed by our lens person Sue Weiand. It was the slow crying of keyboardist Gianni Staiano's Hammond that drew me into the room and the meth-a-nized heartbeat flutter of drummer Kris DiNoto and sushi chef incisiveness of guitarist Mark Van Ness that had me waving off friends in order to focus on their opening set. A fine mix of roadhouse ready and '70s electric jazz wow, they played with engaged strength and broad dynamics, moving from whisper low to explosive outbursts in a smooth way. Some numbers recalled Brother Jack McDuff at his rugged '60s best, while others showed a strong awareness of Medeski Martin & Wood, though the resemblance was more in mood than anything outright copied. This configuration of instruments is sort of modern-sacred, a trinity capable of tremendous things in the right hands, and while obviously still a new band, 7 Come 11 has real flair and facility with what they're working with, enough so to nail both the more classic sounding material and a pulsing cover of Zep's "Kashmir."

-Dennis Cook, Jambase.com